Auto Graphics & Wraps

Dakota Ink: Turn heads in Williston with a personal touch to your cars, trucks, trailers, and more.

Brand your vehicles with graphics for business or pleasure

At Dakota Ink, we believe your vehicles should do more than just transport you—they should carry your brand message and captivate your audience wherever they go. Our auto graphics and wraps are designed to transform your vehicles into eye-catching, mobile advertisements that stand out from the crowd.

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential

  • Box Truck Graphics: Maximize your brand’s exposure with custom box truck graphics that deliver a powerful and professional impression.

  • Car Graphics: Personalize your car and represent your brand with customized car graphics that turn heads at every turn.

  • Door Magnets: Enjoy flexibility and versatility with removable door magnets that allow you to promote your brand effortlessly.

  • Fleet Graphics: Create a cohesive and impressive fleet presence with fleet graphics that showcase your brand consistently.

Attention-Grabbing Details

  • Truck Lettering: Make a statement with truck lettering that communicates your brand identity and contact information clearly.

  • Trailer Graphics: Extend your brand’s reach with trailer graphics that promote your business on the move.

  • Van Graphics: Customize your vans with branded graphics that increase visibility and reinforce your message.

  • Vehicle Graphics & Decals: Elevate your vehicles’ aesthetics and impact with custom vehicle graphics and decals that leave a lasting impression.

  • Window Decals: Utilize every surface for your brand message with window decals that turn windows into advertising space.

Innovative Solutions

  • Vehicle Perforated Graphics (Perfs): Maintain visibility from the inside while displaying striking graphics on the outside with perforated graphics.

  • Custom Boat Graphics: Take your branding to the water with custom boat graphics that ensure your message goes wherever you sail.

  • Vinyl Graphic Installation: Trust our experts to ensure a flawless and professional installation of your vinyl graphics, guaranteeing a polished look.

At Dakota Ink, we’re passionate about helping your brand capture attention on the road and on the water. Our auto graphics and wraps are designed to turn your vehicles into dynamic, attention-grabbing advertisements that leave a lasting impact. Explore our options and let your brand shine wherever you go.